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  • Name: YJ-XQB200A Multi wire saw

  This saw is designed for cutting hard and fragile materials as well as sapphire, sic, crystal, ceramic, monocrystalline silicon, and etc.

  High rigidity main shafts’ structure ensures cutting precision. It is suitable for long time running at a high speed under heavy load.(Max. cutting length:300mm)
Auto wire winding system greatly reduces the winding time.
Two-way wire supply mode enables wire supply direction to be changed automatically when the remaining wire is inadequate.
Wire tension controlled by servo motor. Tension precision is within ± 0.5N.
Stable YASKAWA servo system is equipped.   

Max work size:pieces:300×200×200(mm)
Roller outer dia.×Effective length:(φ173~φ188)×300(mm)
Wire Dia:wire:Diamond wire :φ0.12~φ0.25(mm)
Wire reel capacity:30(Kg)
Wire reciprocating speed:1000(m/min)
Roller span:220(L)
Rocking angle:±7°
Rocking speed:0~1000°/min
Thickness of slice:0.2~5(mm)
Parallelism of slice:pieces:0.015(mm)
Power supply/power consumption:3 phase-380V/75KVA
Air supply/Air consumption:0.5~0.7(Mpa)/600(L/min)
Machine dimensions:2400×3000×3000(mm)
Machine net weight:~7500(Kg)


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