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  • Name: YJ-DJM36A Single side plishing machine

  This machine is uniquely designed for single side polishing a wide variety of surfaces where flatness and ultra precision surface finish is critical.

  Four polishing heads controlled by cylinders. Working pressure is adjusted by precision pressure governor valve.
Work piece carrier can be easily positioned.
Instant working information displays on touch screen. All parameters can be set by the touch screen.
Frequency conversion drive device realizes soft start, and soft stop. Rotation speed is adjustable.
The pressure value of the polishing process can be detected by weighing sensor.
Equip a lathe tool to repair the lower plate according to requirements.

Lower plate size:φ868×φ244×30(mm)

Outer diameter of upper plate:φ360

Upper plate up and down stroke:0~170(mm)

Thickness of workpiece:0.3~1.1(mm)

Upper plate rotational speed:0~90(rpm)

Upper plate pressure range:0~270(Kg)

Power supply/power consumption:3 phase-380V/11KVA

Air supply/Air consumption:0.6(Mpa)/30(L/min)

Machine dimensions:2700×1450×2480(mm)

Machine net weight:~4200(Kg)


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