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  • Name: YJ-13B6L╱PD Double side lapping/polishing machine

  This machine is suitable for lapping and polishing of cell phone cover lens, silicon wafer, crystal quartz, optical crystal, optical glass, lithium niobium acid, gallium arsenide, ceramic wafer and other hard and fragile metal or non-metal materials.

  Three motors. One motor drives the lower plate and ring gear; upper plate and sun gear is controlled by separate motors.
The length of the drive shaft is effectively shortened, mechanical rigidity of the machine is increased.
Ring gear position is adjustable by jog operation.
Variable frequency speed governor realizes soft start, and soft stop. Machine can work under any speed which is within setting range.
Mechanical safety device prevents upper plate from falling down.
Sun gear can be adjusted seperately.Process craft is adjutable.



Upper(Lower) plate size

Dowel pin tooth:φ975×φ391×40(35) mm

Involute gear:φ968×φ391×40(35) mm

Thickness of workpiece

Max:30(mm)  Min:0.15(mm)

Dimensions of workpiece


Lower plate rotational speed


Number of carriers


Carrier specifications

British System:Z=153 Dp=12
Dowel pin tooth:Z=63 Dp=16.32

Upper plate pressure range


Power supply/power consumption

3 phase-380V/12KVA

Air supply/Air consumption


Machine dimensions


Machine net weight


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