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  • Name: YJ-QPJ910C Curved surface plishing machine

  This machine is designed for surface polishing of 2.5D, 3D glass, and other hard and fragile materials.

Polishing head rotation apeed up to 700 RPM. It is of high polishing efficiency.
Four polishing heads are seperately controlled. High stablity and adapt to different crafts.
Yujing patent special rotating slipknot ensures flexible rotation of polishing heads. Polishing head rotation is not affected by the transmission key pin.
Multi-usage. Can polish arc edge, round hole, square hole and straight edge by using different tooling fixtures. This machine can remove the cutting mark of cell phone metal shell, and also suitable for polishing process before and after anodising.
Vacuum adsorption is optional. Work pieces are firmly fixed by vacuum adsorption. It is convenient for work piece loading and unloading.
Real-time detection of vacuum pressure prevents workpieces throw out of fixtures that caused by inadequate pressure.

Lower plate size:φ910 ×20(mm)

Upper plate size:φ360 (mm)

Upper plate up and down stroke:0~300(mm)

Lower plate rotational speed:0~30(rpm)

Upper plate rotational speed:0~700(rpm)

Upper plate pressure range: 30~60(Kg)

Number plate on:4

Power supply/power consumption:3 phase-380V/25KVA

Air supply/Air consumption:0.5~0.6(Mpa)/30(L/min)

Machine dimensions:1845×1130×2400(mm)

Machine net weight:~3000(Kg)

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