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  • Name: YJ-XQL920A Multi wire saw

  This saw is designed for cutting hard and fragile materialssuch as, magnetic material,diamond, crystal and etc. Magnetseparator is optional.

  Diameter of diamond wire is 0.16mm~φ0.25mm. It minimizes material lost and realizes maximum output.
  Cutting area is separated from wire supply and collection area. Only 8 pieces of light bigpulley lower the risk of malfunction and wire break.
  Normal wire speed is 1200 m/min. Max. wire speed reaches 1500m/min. Cutting speed of monocrystalline silicon is 0.3-1.1mm/min. Cutting speed of ferrite is 1.0-1.5mm/min.
  Down cut type worktable realizes easy removal of cutting chips and prevents wire break. Two cylinders lock the materialautomatically after locating.
  Small spindle span, long roller ensures a high precision spindle system.Main shafts were fixed on both two sides by an overall welding frame. It helps improve the rotation precision and machine rigidity.The bearing seat is equipped with an air sealing device to increase the service life of bearings.
  Real-time magnetic mud separator is optional. It can separate the magnetic mud from cutting liquid during cutting process.

Max work size:200×500×150(mm)
Roller outer dia.×Effective length:(φ190~φ200)×500(mm)
Wire Dia:Diamond wire :φ0.12~0.25(mm)
Wire reciprocating speed:Max:1500(m/min)
Table feed rate:0.3-1.8mm/min
Wire reel capacity:50(km)
Roller span:480(L)
Thickness of slice:0.2~5(mm)
Parallelism of slice:≤0.02(mm)
Power supply/power consumption:3phase-380V70KVA
Machine dimensions:2910×1855×2480(mm)
Machine net weight:~6500(Kg)

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