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  • Name: YJ-QP1135E Curved surface plishing machine

  This machine is designed for surface polishing of 2.5D, 3D glass, and other hard and fragile materials.

Work pieces fixed by vacuum suction. It is convenient for work pieces to be loaded and unloaded. A vacuum blowing device ensures the vacuum pipe is not blocked by slurry.
It is a curved surface polishing machine with high performance, compact structure, steady execution and wide operation space.
The load plate can rotate and revolute at an adjustable, which increased the polishing uniformity.The rotation and revolution of load plates is realized by super precision bearings, and this improved the accuracy and stationary.
Upper plate up and down movement adopts the lead screw and linear slide rail, so as to realize the stable and reliable pressurization.
The height of operation table is about one meter, which is suitable for a wide range of people, especially women workers.

Lower plate size:φ408×15(mm)

Upper plate size:φ1135×φ240×15(mm)

Upper plate up and down stroke:0~450(mm)

Lower plate rotational speed:0~40(rpm)

Lower plate revolution speed:0~8(rpm)

Upper plate rotational speed:0~100(rpm)

Upper plate pressure range:0~450(Kg)

Number of Lower plate:5

Power supply/power consumption:3 phase-380V/14KVA

Air supply/Air consumption:0.5(Mpa)/30(L/min)

Machine dimensions:2000×1750×2220(mm)

Machine net weight:~3000(Kg)

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