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  • Name: YJ-16B8L/PB Double side lapping/polishing machine

This machine is suitable for double-side precision lapping and polishing of silicon wafer, crystal quartz wafer, sapphire wafer, optical crystal, optical glass, lithium niobium acid, ceramic wafer,and other hard and fragile materials. 

3 motor structure. Main motor drives lower plate and ring gear; upper plate and sun gear is driven by separate motor.
Gantry architecture meets the requirements of high speed rotation under heavy load. It is of good rigidity.
Cylinder drives a lifting sleeve with an inclined plane to realize ring gear lifting. 
Upper plate slow down stroke and speed is adjustable. 
Carriers can rotate in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions by changing the speed of ring gear and sun gear. 

Upper and Lower plate size:Dowel pin tooth:φ1188×φ618×45

Thickness of workpiece:Max:30(mm)    Min:0.3(mm)

Dimensions of workpiece:Max:φ290(mm)

Lower plate rotational speed:0~50(rpm)

Number of carriers:8

Ring gear up and down stroke:30mm

pressure range:0~400(Kg)

Power supply/power consumption:3 phase-380V/18KVA

Air supply/Air consumption:0.5(Mpa)/30(L/min)

Machine dimensions:1850×1750×2700(mm)

Machine net weight:~4200(Kg)

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