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  • Name: YJ-XQL850B Multi wire saw

This saw is uniquely designed for cutting solar crystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, with a size of 170mm×170mm, 
High speed and high precision spindle system. Wire speed can reach 2100 m/min, Max 2400 m/min,390 mm roller span reduces the bending height of wire web. Width of wire web is 900 mm. 
Minimum dia. of wire is 0.045~0.065mm. It minimizes material lost and realizes maximum output.
Cylinder clamping device ensures a safe and reliable material clamping. It is easy to operate. 
U-shaped wiring structure and 6 pulleys reduces the risk of malfunction and wire broken. Maintenance time and cost is reduced.
Equipped with high efficiency cooling system. Separate wiring system, electrical system, and cooling system ensures easy operation, convenient maintenance and excellent heat dissipation. 
Plate type heat exchanger is detachable. It is of high heat exchange rate, and it is easy to clean and maintenance.
Electric proportional valve cooperates with temperature sensor, can precisely control the temperature of cutting fluid. Temperature control of main bearing box ensures a long service life of the box and precise cutting result.


Max work size:


Roller outer dia.×Effective length:
Wire Dia:

Diamond wire:φ0.045~φ0.065(mm)

Wire reel capacity:
Wire reciprocating speed:

2100(m/min)  Max:2400(m/min)

Table feed rate:
Roller span:
Power supply/power consumption:
3 phase-380V/150KVA
Machine dimensions:
Machine net weight:

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