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  • Name: YJ-XQW916A Tile wire saw

This saw is designed for cutting hard and fragile materials such as magnetic material, crystal, glass, silicon, and carbide into different types of curved thin parts at one time. 

Three servo motors drive the spindles directly. It is of high transmission efficiency, and low malfunction rate.

High precision sensor is used to realize closed-loop control, and the accuracy of tension adjustment can reach to 0.5N.

Machine can use also diamond wire and normal wire for cutting.Normal wire speed is 1200m/min; Max. wire speed reaches 1500m/min. Cutting speed of monocrystalline silicon: 0.3-1.1mm/min; Cutting speed of ferrite: 1.2-1.8mm/mi; cutting speed of NdFeB:0.4~1.2mm/min.

The equipment adopts integral casting frame, which has excellent shock absorption and strength. The spindle support is made of integral casting, which ensures good accuracy and strength.

Cutting area is separated from wire supply and collection area. The 10 big size pulleys structure improves wire supply stability and lowers the risk of wire break.


Max work size:


Roller outer dia.×Effective length:
Wire Dia:

wire:φ0.12~φ0.18(mm)   Diamond wire:φ0.12~φ0.25(mm)

Wire reel capacity:
wire: 50(km)     Diamond wire:20(km)
Wire reciprocating speed:


Thickness of slice:
Slurry tank volume:
Power supply/power consumption:
3 phase-380V/40KVA
Air supply/Air consumption: 0.4~0.6(Mpa)/600(L/min)
Machine dimensions:
Machine net weight:

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