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  • Name: YJ-XQB150C Multi wire saw

  This saw is designed for cutting hard and fragile materials as well as sapphire(2”-8”), sic, crystal, ceramic, monocrystalline silicon, and etc.

Two pieces of main shaft structure saves roller maintenance cost.
Auto wire winding system greatly reduces the winding time.
Two-way wire supply mode enables wire supply direction to be changed automatically when the remaining wire is inadequate.
Wire tension controlled by servo motor. Tension precision is within ± 0.5N.
Stable YASKAWA servo system is equipped.   

Max work size:pieces:300×150×150(mm)
Roller outer dia.×Effective length:(φ173~φ188)×300(mm)
Wire Dia:wire: Diamond wire :φ0.12~φ0.25(mm)
Wire reel capacity:30(Kg)
Wire reciprocating speed:450~550(m/min)    Max:600(m/min)
Roller span:90(L)
Rocking angle:±30°
Rocking speed:0~1000°/min
Thickness of slice:0.2~5(mm)
Parallelism of slice:pieces:0.015(mm)
Power supply/power consumption:3 phase-200V/35KVA
Air supply/Air consumption:0.5~0.7(Mpa)/600(L/min)
Machine dimensions:2047×1960×2394(mm)
Machine net weight:~6000(Kg)


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