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  • Name: YJ-XQ120A Multi wire saw

  This saw is designed for cutting hard and fragile materials such as crystal,quartz, monocrystalline silicon, and magnetic materials, and etc.

  The first multi-wire saw made in China. Mature technology ensures stable operation.
Precision processing technology ensures world-class fine cutting.
Wire speed reaches 280m/min . It is of low power consumption, noise-free, energy saving and environmental protection.
Top brand main components guarantee reliable long term operation.
User-friendly operation and maintenance.

Max work size:pieces:120×100×75(mm)
Roller outer dia.×Effective length:(φ78~φ90)×105(mm)
Wire Dia:wire: :φ0.12~0.18(mm) 
Wire reciprocating speed:160~220(m/min)     Max:280(m/min)
Wire reel capacity:10(km)
Roller span:20(L)
Thickness of slice:0.2~5(mm)
Parallelism of slice:pieces:0.008(mm)
Power supply/power consumption:3 phase-(200~220)V/10KVA
Air supply/Air consumption:0.4~0.65(Mpa)/350(L/min)
Machine dimensions:1603×1690×1721(mm)
Machine net weight:~1520(Kg)


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